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Services Offered by the MSPE Institute

Interested in learning more about or getting trained in MSPE®?  Contact us any time to arrange:

MSPE Training

Receive the full MSPE program, tailored to your unique performance environment.  Both remote and in-person delivery can be scheduled.  Data collection for research and/or mental performance profiles is also an option.

MSPE Instructor Training


Learn and experience best-practice strategies from the program creators for delivering MSPE to athletes, coaches, and other performers.  Our 2-day MSPE Instructor Training is offered 3-4 times annually via Zoom.  We are currently planning our next Training for July, 2024.

Talks, Presentations, and Workshops

We offer a variety of educational programs related to mindfulness, MSPE, and systematic approaches to performance enhancement.  Examples include the inside details on MSPE theory, research, and applications; why and how to incorporate mindfulness into performance environments; and/or facilitating culture change to promote success and well-being. 



Bring us aboard to help you incorporate MSPE into your existing training routine, integrate mindfulness into your performance culture, create or enhance your research program, or get answers to your questions about this exciting way to strengthen the mind.  Contact us today for a free initial 15-minute phone consultation.


I have coached at the collegiate level for 7 years and have tried numerous tactics and best practices to stay current in my profession.  MSPE impacted my coaching in a more significant way than any other training or program previously....In years past, my athletes did not have the skills to navigate certain situations and with these tools they were more equipped to handle anything that came their way....MSPE created a shift in our team culture, through process, and situational awareness.  We accomplished goals that we have never reached before as a team or program and bringing mindfulness with us into competition gave us an edge over our opponents.


-Kate Athing, Head Coach - Marymount University Women's Lacrosse (2017 ECAC Champions)  

The greatest thing I've taken from this so far, and the thing I've never found easy, is non-judgmental acceptance and letting go.  Thank you!

-Anna Turney, Two-Time Winter Paralympian

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